Dawge | 5 out of 5 Stars!

Update 6/23 - replacement fitting arrived and installed in minutes. No leaks so far. We primarily bought it to filter out random sediment found in our water which we use a zero filter water pitcher but was getting tired of refilling. NYC Tap water is generally great so we weren’t looking to alter taste. As a note, we replaced the third stage with a 1micron filter to help take out any lead just in case. It seems to work well. Water flow is very good (it sputters because of the filter) and the taste ever slightly different. Due to the new replacement filter the TDS is higher than the zero water but we read the process to remove lead replaces it with other minerals increasing TDS levels. Looking forward to seeing the stage 1 filter get dirty through the clear plastic housing to remind us why we went this route.Disappointed we had to wait a week to use this but happy the response was quick from the seller. Things happen so we’ll chalk it up to that. Happy with the purchase and product. As a note, install was into a 24 inch IKEA sink with sliding drawer front. It was a tight fit but it fits without interfering with the drawer. Update 6/18- Nick from iSpring contacted me first thing this morning to let us know a replacement fitting is being sent. We are super excited and eager to get rid of our water filter pitcher and have high hopes this is only a speed bump. We purchased the ice maker kit and installed that while we wait. 6/16 (Saturday PM) Okay, so I do not hate it because I haven't used it yet. I just hate that it arrived with a broken water faucet elbow/fitting which basically makes the system a paper weight until I get a replacement. I've contacted the seller to request a replacement and will update this once they respond. On the flip side, the system installed in less than 30 minutes with the most effort used towards getting under the counter to secure the water faucet from underneath. Instructions are brief and not well laid out but all the components are fairly well laid out which allows the install to be manageable. instructions could be a bit more organized and broken down but install is logical if your have minimal experience. The connections appear secure but I won't be able to test for leaks until I get that replacement part. So close...yet so far away. One of the primary reasons we choose iSpring is the clear housing and it doesn’t disappoint in terms of look. We have a lot of rust and sediment so we are concerned about swapping out the sediment filter in time to not impact stage 2 and 3.

Bill Storey | 5 out of 5 Stars!

The iSpring US31 3-Stage Under Sink High Capacity Tankless Drinking Water Filtration System- Is FANTASTIC!!!!!! It was easy to install, and the water tastes like pure spring water !!!!The cost was very reasonable, and will pay for itself very quickly !!!
Nick S | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I love this thing, I've grown up without ever using a water filter, always telling my self the city water is safe. But the wife and I are trying to be more healthy, I guess she wants to live longer.... So, hated the Brita, cause its either this massive baseball size filter on your faucet. Also the ones you fill the pitcher, then put it in the fridge, just a hassle. This took about 20 min to install, they provide all hardware, and fittings to make it fit almost any normal under sink water fitting. After about a week of using it, and boycotting my city water, I put 2 glasses of water on the counter and asked my wife to tell me if she can tell the difference, she didn't even need to taste it to tell the difference. As she put the glass up to her mouth to take a drink she immediately stoped and said that's city. She and I can just smell the copper metal smell in the city. We've been so immune to what our water taste like and smells like to go back would be unbelievable. So yes I recommend this, very affordable and easy to use, install and replace filters. which by the way are only $15 every 6 months to a year! BUY IT
FlyinG | 5 out of 5 Stars!

Water from our refrigerator is okay but it comes out much slower and the cartridges don't last as long or filter out nearly as much. We use water from this for all cooking and making beverages. Tastes as good as bottled water.
Nate | 5 out of 5 Stars!

Great water filter so far. We had our city water chlorinated a few months ago so a filter was a must. Great water flow and completely eliminated the chlorine taste and smell. It’s pretty easy to install although I had to replace the cold water shutoff valve because it was coroded. Not this filters fault it was just old. Does not include mounting screws however so you will have to find something that will work. Overall very happy with the product. The little clips that hold the water line in place are kind of a pain to get back in but I was also working at bad angles.
J. Adams | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I am a 48 y/o woman with bad knees, who shouldn’t have been crawling around under my sink. But due to my heavy foot, a mean judge who insisted I pay a huge fine for driving a mere 50 miles over the speed limit, I was left with no other option than to remove my old filter system and install this unit. That said, installation was far easier than disassembling and removing the old unit. The instructions were clear and told me everything I needed to get it mounted. The faucet is modern and very nicely detailed. That first glass of water tasted far better than the bitter pill I swallowed as I wrote that check!
Big Boy | 5 out of 5 Stars!

This is in our system that we installed under our sink cabinet in order to reduce or spend on purified water. under hundred bucks if we could install such an oral system that lasts for years we will save up all the money within the first one year and we get all the returns on our investment. having said that I also have to mention something about the installation process this has. it's a very simple installation process and we could easily figure out by looking at the system itself that all we have to do is just insert one inlet hose and one outlet hose and connect them to the main water system.To connect to the main water system they also included a wall which is ready for suitable smaller hose integration. That is ample length of smaller hose that fits right into the filtration system has been included in the package which I could cut into two pieces as needed. So all I had to do was unscrew the existing wall of the main cold water inlet of the sink and put the T valve in place of it. On the outlet they also included a beautiful fingerprint resistant faucet that I could mount on the sink in place of the existing water sprayer. I connected another smaller house that I cut from the full reel of hose to this faucet and the filtration system was ready. I was amazed at the quality of the water that this filtration system generated as it read wonderful pH results. I am super satisfied that I am getting completely purified water. I don't have to rely on the bottles from outside anywhere. This is a three stage RO system. The first stage itself most of the impurities are filtered out as the first filter is the sediment filter. if any impurities are there those will be filtered our in the next two stages and purified water is yielded through the faucet. For the budget it's the best RO system that we would find with simplest installation process.

Mark Carter | 3 out of 5 Stars!

The big round filter wrench dose not fit filter holder, I hope they come apart by hand when time comes to replace filters. You will have to go to hardware store , the tee valve they shipped did not fit water line under my sink. Cost $9 for the tee valve to tap into cold water line to sink. Every thing else worked good , the clean water dispenser valve works and looks great.
Robert J. Bosak | 5 out of 5 Stars!

This is the third water filtration unit I have purchased and am now kicking myself was not the first. First off this three stage unit comes with such explicit directions probably a two year old could install it. Next this unit comes with a cutoff for the system itself which is what truly inspired my review. See the previous units I suppose never anticipated problems can occur or even the simple fact of changing the cartridges so they never supplied a cutoff for the filtration system. This leaves you having to turn off the original cutoff for your cold water which leaves you dead in the water for using cold water in your kitchen sink. I suffered that fact with the unit this Ispring 3 stage replaced. Due to one of the hoses breaking we were left without cold water in our sink for two days. The fact this company reacted quickly and we received the unit so fast prevented it from being 3 days! I had the opportunity of trying the cutoff valve as one of the hoses for the outputed purified water goes to our refrigerator. Well I was stupid as I should have cut an inch off the hose since it was the original. So it was leaking, I immediately used the new cutoff and it stopped it immediately. I guess we are all human, make mistakes and is something ISpring really needs a commendation for having that ability to understand! Replacing the cartridges is going to be a total joke since each one unscrews very simply. Not only that, the cost is $20. I paid $110 for the replacement cartridges for the last 3 stage unit I had which failed a month after that replacement. So you bet I am kicking myself for not purchasing this ISpring 3 stage before that kind of a loss. The amount of hose that comes with it is extremely generous and I believe someday I will replace the old refrigerator line. Thanks for being a company that makes product that makes us all happy instead of confused and upset. I wish one day others will follow in this manner of greatness
john perotti | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I Purchased (2) 3 Stage under sink filter systems, had a problem with an O ring Sean in Customer Service Sent me replacement O rings Immediately. I have one unit on my Ice maker and the other unit under the sink as my drinking water. The water quality and taste are the best we have had in years. I am so impressed i purchased a Whole House 3 stage filter unit for our RV.I have to say both the Quality of the Filter Systems and the After Sale Service provided by Sean in Customer Service are the best.Thank you john p