sw | 5 out of 5 Stars!

This is an extremely well made product and works great as a whole house filter. We have a well that produced okay water but the water was cloudy and tasted off mostly due to iron. After we hooked up the iSpring system our water is now great. I am not a plumber but I have worked with pex fittings in the past around the house. I was able to install the iSpring filter system using 1" pex and cinch clamps in less than 2 hours. No leaks and solid as a rock. iSpring also has great customer service. One of the filters came with a broken end and they sent out a replacement via Fedex as soon as I contacted them. Overall a great experience!
MAD MAD | 5 out of 5 Stars!

This product was simple to install and the instructions were easy enough for most consumers to understand. If you have an issue with anything contact Isprings customer service, as they are extremely helpful! We purchased this filter to remove the bad odor that we were getting from our well water, this has removed the smell VERY HAPPY! We purchased the iSpring WSP-50SL Reusable Spin Down Sediment Filter which i highly recommend.

Amazon Customer | 5 out of 5 Stars!

First off to the folks that say the filter system dont work huummm Did you no there is a correct way to set this up? there is a in and out for the connection! Sorry I dont no how many times I look at the review to find out the people reviewing the product isnt even setting them up correctly or installing them correctly. This works so well I cant believe it no more "EGG SMELL" no more "Calcium deposits or Iron" My setup: iSpring WSP-50 OMNIFilter 5 micron Sediment filter - we change that one every mo. clean it then reinstall it iSpring WGB21B-PB 2 stage filter
Kuruvila Mani | 5 out of 5 Stars!

Wanted to wait a few months before writing this review. Well it has been more like 6 months. We bought 4 filters: the spindown, the two stage heavy duty with the sediment and the CTO filter and the anti-scale filter (I personally cannot stand the way water feels after it has been through a water softener). It was going on a well for a new house in the hill country of Texas - lots of limestone in our area. The plumber installed it (said it was pretty straightforward) but from the beginning the water pressure was a problem. Water pressure was great to the system and then it would die to a trickle by the time it got to the house. Tried reinstalling the filters, rearranging them, changing the pressure at the pump, etc. nothing was working. If all the other reviews haven't been clear, the reason you should buy from iSpring is Nick. Sent a message in, he spent a little time troubleshooting and suggested first trying a simple fix of replacing the 200 micron spin down filter with the 100 micron filter. Had nothing to lose, since I had already pulled out most of my hair, so tried it. Dang if it didn't get better almost immediately. Water pressure is much better - shower works, wife is happy, all is good. The filters are a bit of a pain to change so not looking forward to that experience but having this system makes me feel much better about the safety of the water. Our plumber wants to check back to see how the anti-scale filter works. So far so good and not having to deal with a water softener and the huge amount of salt that it uses is a relief.
tdmillertyme | 4 out of 5 Stars!

Honestly, Im not sure what sheerness is referring to in the rating. This does well to clean up my well water. Easy to install. My only 2 criticisms would be that I wash the blue section was clear so you could see the state of the filter, and I wash the relief valves were on the bottom so you could control the mess when changing filters. Mine is in an unfinished basement so not a big deal, but it would be nice
Ben | 5 out of 5 Stars!

Heavy duty construction. I have to flip my inlet to the other side from the way it came to make it work for me but it was easy to do. Only things I could say would improve it would be a heavier bracket for mounting since the housings are massive and they could be made clear so you can see filter condition without have to drain the system and take it apart. Ispring overall is a good product so far. I have the UV light reusable pre-filter and then this monster and they have great customer service in the USA.

David | 4 out of 5 Stars!

Able to install this without a leak. I used 1" pex to connect to this and everything went together well. If you need an inexpensive filtering system for chlorine and general taste, then this will provide you the best bang for your buck. I came off of a 1" PVC line directly to 1" PEX and experienced zero pressure/volume loss. The arrows on top of the unit showing flow were pointing towards each other but it didn't matter to this system as the water has to flow through the filter media either way.
Jerry Wray | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I`ve had this system for a year and a half and could not be any happier . Sean in support was a very big help. thanks
Pamela J. Wanner | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I purchased this I spring water filtration system for our well water. We have a high iron and sulfur content in our water. I can’t believe the difference! I can actually drink our water now! My toilet and shower aren’t yellow anymore! My husband installed it, he does have a decent amount of plumbing experience. (If I would have had to do it I would have called a plumber.) He made it look easy. It’s been about a month since installing the system and I’m still happy! Wish we would have bought this sooner! We’ve been through 2 water softener systems before we put this in. I would take the ISpring water filtration system over a water softener any day!
Scott | 5 out of 5 Stars!

Would like to have had the 3 filter unit but due to very limited space in my small main floor utility room I chose this one. My crawlspace is unheated in my small ranch therefore the only place for the well pressure tank, washing machine and filters was the utility room. I replaced my pressure tank and manifold at the same time. I had no problem installing. Used 2 pieces of 1/2" x 3-1/4" solid wood trim I had extra and mounted between studs one on top of the other and two lag screws through the mounting bracket. This held the heavy filter unit very solid. Then 1" to 3/4" pvc adapter and brass 3/4" to pex inlet and outlet lines wrapped both with tape and thread sealant and no leaks like some others have experienced. Also have a ispring spin down filter as prefilter. Gave orings and threads in filter housings and spin down filter a coating of silicon lube. I did have to remove the 8 screws holding the mounting bracket to filter housings and turn it around so the arrows for inlet and outlet were in correct direction. I had waited 3 weeks for my amazon order and could not really get started on replacing my pressure tank and manifold until I got filter unit for proper spacing so I called and ispring sent me a head unit which I received before my order so I could get a start on my install which is fantastic customer service and I now can use as a spare. Seems like only a little loss of pressure after install. Using teflon tape and thread sealant on all joints as well as pex crimp clamps on 3/4" line resulted in absolutely no leaks the first time system was turned on. Water at times still came out a little muddy due to years of junk in lines but that is clearing up fast. Toilets are much clearer now. Only time will tell on how long before filter changes but for now very satisfied with this unit.