What contaminants can be removed?

The RCC7 is designed to deliver water that is great-tasting, clean, pure, and safe for drinking. Employing a 5-stage filtration process, it effectively eliminates over 1,000 harmful contaminants, including but not limited to PFAS, chlorine, fluoride, lead (up to 98% removal), arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more.

Why isn't the TDS zero after filtration?

Post-Carbon Filter: The RCC7 includes a post-carbon filter after the RO membrane to enhance water taste, reintroducing some healthy minerals. Initial Water Quality: If the source water's TDS is too high, achieving low TDS might be challenging. Filter Maintenance: Prolonged usage without changing filters can lead to an increase in TDS levels.

What are the replacement filters for the system?

1-stage: FP15 2-stage: FG15 3-stage: FC15 4-stage: MC7 5-stage: FT15 Alternatively, you can opt for the convenient filter pack available.

Can the filtration system handle well water?

No. This RCC7 is designed for Municipal Tap Water. For well water usage, it's crucial to ensure that the feed water has undergone point-of-entry water filtration systems. iSpring offers systems tailored for whole house water solutions to address such needs.