Does this Reverse Osmosis water filter have the UV Sensor to turn on and off the UV light when not in use?

Yes, the RCC7AK-UV has been equipped with a transformer that turns on and off UV light automatically along with the water flow since Jan 2014. This feature prevents a potential heat hazard and extends the life of the UV light bulb.

Does this RO water system remove asbestos crystals from the water?

It is like an egg can't pass cheesecloth. The size of asbestos fiber ranges from 0.1 - 1 micron, which is at least 100 times larger than the RO membrane pores at 0.0001 micron.

Does the tank contain a food grade butyl bladder? If so, does the bladder need to be cleaned every year? How do you go about doing that?

To clean the residential RO machine and bladder is the same. Remove the filters and put 3 tbs of bleach (1 tbs in each vertical filter housing) mixed with water until the system and tank are full of this disinfecting solution. Let it sit for 1-2 hours and then rinse the system and tank twice.

What is the waste water ratio for the 7-Stage Reverse Osmosis filter system?

The filtered water to waste water ratio (w/tank) for this undersink RO filter is 1:3. If you like less waste water, you can consider RCC7P or our next generation RO system - RO500.

Our well tested positive for total cloriform, negative for e. coli. Did this system solve anyone elses total cloriform problem?

While reverse osmosis can remove microorganisms. However, it is not recommended for that use, as bacteria can grow through the membrane.

Can this Reverse Osmosis water filtration system be installed in a basement location appoximately 9 feet below the sink? Will the pressure be enough to have flow from the faucet?

Yes. The RO system can be installed in a basement location, but the water flow will be slower. We recommend to install a booster pump to bring the water pressure back.

I am installing new granite countertop, what size hole should they make for the faucet of this product?

If you're drilling a new hole, the perfect size is 1/2 inch, however you can also cover any existing hole up to 2 inches if you have any unused soap dispenser or something else you can use.

Can the booster pump be attached separately?

This Reverse Osmosis filter system may still work when source water pressure is as low as 35 psi, but it won't be efficient especially water temperature drops below 60F. Adding a booster pump requires wiring and tubing connections. It could be more error prone for a ordinary customer so we would prefer to do it for you. If you have any more questions, please contact us at (678)261-7611 or open a ticket here.

Does the 3.2 gallon tank accommodate for a family of 4? I'm worried about not having enough water when I need it.

Yes. This 3.2 gallon tank is a good option for a household of 4.

I was wondering if this Reverse Osmosis water filter system has ever been tested for BPA or any other plastic derivatives? There is plastic in the filter, and it is warm.

All plastic parts are made with food grade material and BPA free.

Is the bad taste still an issue with the under sink Reverse Osmosis UV filter?

There wouldn't have any bad taste should you followed the instruction to flush the RO filter system in advance. If you followed the directions and still have this bad taste issue, please contact us at (678)261-7611 or open a ticket here.

My incoming water pressure is 70psi. Do I need the booster pump to decrease water waste and increase efficiency?

No, you will be fine. The domestic RO water filter system works for the water pressure range from 45psi to 70 psi.

Will this RO water purifier for kitchen kill virus?

According to CDC, Reverse Osmosis filtration systems have a very high effectiveness in removing viruses (for example, Enteric, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Rotavirus); the pore size of the RO membrane is approximately 0.0001 micron. You can find more info on CDC website.

Is there a cartridge to increase the alkalinity?

Yes, there is one stage of Alkaline filter, which will add health minerals back to your water.

Will this Reverse Osmosis water purifier remove fluoride, lead and aluminum please?

Yes. A Reverse Osmosis (RO) system can remove 99% fluoride, 98% aluminum, and 98% lead in water.

Is this Reverse Osmosis water filter under sink with UV made in usa?

No, this Reverse Osmosis water filter under sink is made in Taiwan. If you like an under sink RO unit made in USA, you can check these items: RO100 andPH100

Do I have any worry for having a well, plus a home filtration (salt) to remove heavy iron?

The RCC7AK-UV Reverse Osmosis drinking water system can remove up to 99% of 1,000 different contaminant in water. Yes, it will remove salt and heavy iron.

What is the pH level of the water this under sink Reverse Osmosis system produces?

The final pH of the product water is entirely dependent on the quality of your source water. On average, the mineral cartridge will raise your pH by 0.5-0.8 but this will vary between customers depending on individual water chemistry.

Where can I get replacement filters or uv bulbs for this RO filtration system?

You can find the Ultraviolet UV lamp here.

Is this NSF Certified?

Yes, the under sink RO system RCC7AK-UV is certified to NSF/ANSI 58 for TDS reduction (58 for reverse osmosis).

I bought my Reverse Osmosis unit 2 years ago. the gac filter housing has a pinhole leak at the bottom of the housing. how do i buy a new one of those?

You can find the Reverse Osmosis water purification system housing here:White housingClear housing

Is there a difference between this ispring brand and other brands? Why is the price gap so dramatic?

Since 2005, iSpring has brought the price of an average Reverse Osmosis filter down from $700 range. We bypass middlemen, sell direct online, cut advertising and live up with customer reviews by continuous improvements. We are doing what we want to do, that is, make clean water available and affordable to more people. We believe in long term value.