What happens with the wasted water? Does it come back to the water tank?

The iSpring RCD100 countertop reverse osmosis system offers an innovative solution for dealing with waste water compared to traditional RO systems that drain it away immediately. With this advanced RO system, waste water is cycled back into the raw water tank and initially mixed with the raw water. As the waste water getting a higher concentration of contaminants, it is separated in the right-hand side cube and not filtered again to ensure the RO membrane is not exposed to water outside its working concentration range. The collected waste water can also be recycled for non-potable uses such as mopping the floor or watering plants.

How long does the filter last before needing a replacement? Also, what's the model of the compatible filter?

Please find below the lifespan of each filter:
FNF100: Brush Clean every 3-6 months.
FPC100: Up to 6 months.
MCD100: Up to 24 months.
FCB100: Up to 12 months.
F3RCD100: 1 year filter set.
F7RCD100. 2 years filter set.

How do I know when to replace the filters?

This countertop RO water dispenser features a filter life monitor, which indicates when to replace the filters.

How easy is the installation?

This countertop RO water filter system requires no installation or plumbing. The system is designed to be plug-and-play, so you can simply plug it into a power outlet and start using it right away.

How do I know the UV light is working?

The UV light signal indicates whether the UV light is in use or not. The light remains on during the UV filtration process and turns off once the process is complete.