Does WGB32B whole house water filter system address TDS reduction?

No, it doesn't. Only RO systems will lower TDS levels. You can find our best Reverse Osmosis system here.

What is the difference between 10 inch whole house filter and 20 inch whole house system?

The main difference is the capacity of the cartridges. The WGB21B 10'' inch home water purification system has 10'' X 4.5'' cartridges that feature 50,000 gallons of water capacity, while the 20'' whole house cartridges feature around 100,000 gallons of water capacity. The average American household water consumption is approximately 300 gallons per day. Therefore, the cartridges inside of the WGB21B would last 50,000/300=166 days (Around 6 months) on average. If your family consumes more water than 300 gallons per day, you may need a 20'' whole house system to fulfill your needs. You may need to look at your water bill to figure out how much water your family consumes monthly.

Will WGB32B whole house water filtration system decrease water pressure to the house?

It should not. If you experience significant pressure loss, please let us know.

What are the water pressure requirements for the WGB32B residential water treatment systems to work?

The feed water pressure needs to be between 25 psi and 80 psi.

Is this domestic water purification system suitable for well water?

This whole house water purification system can filter both city water and well water. However, it doesn't filter out viruses and bacteria. For well water, a whole house UV stage (#UVF55FS) is recommended.

Will the WGB32B whole home water systems help with high sediment in well water?

It will help, but depending on how much sediment you have, it may exhaust the filters quickly and cause you to replace the filter frequently. In this case, you may want to look into purchasing a spin-down sediment pre-filter (e.g., WSP50). It will help trap more sediment and extend the life of your other filters.

Does WGB32B home water filtration system work on hot water?

No, we do not recommend installing a water filter for home to filter hot water as the high temperature can damage the carbon block filter. The operating temperature for the whole house system is 40 - 100°F.

Does this water filter system for home filter fluoride?

This whole home water filter system does not remove fluoride. You will need a Reverse Osmosis system to remove fluoride. You can find our best Reverse Osmosis system here.

Does WGB32B home water treatment system filter calcium for hard water?

No. You need a water softener to filter out calcium. Please check out iSpring WCS45KG whole house water softener here.

Does this whole house water system reduce Chlorine?

Yes, the CTO carbon block filters remove chlorine, cloudiness, odor, taste, and other contaminants.

Will the WGB32B water purifier for home remove the hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs) smell?

Yes, but it might shorten the filter life. If there is a strong rotten egg smell in your water, we recommend installing WGB32B-KS or WF150K whole house filtration systems instead.

Does the WGB32B home water system remove iron, lead, and other heavy metals?

The whole house filter system WGB32B is designed for water issues with contaminants that create foul tastes, stains, and odors. Please check out WGB32BM, WGB32B-PB, and WGB32B-KS for removing pollutants such as iron, lead, manganese, and other metals or heavy metals.

Is WGB32B whole home water filtration system a water softener?

No. If you need a water softener or saltless water descaler, please check out here.

Is the flow left to right, right to left, or can it go either way?

Right to left, but you could switch the bracket to change direction.

Can this water filter be installed on the exterior of a house? My house has no basement or crawl space, just a concrete slab.

We would not recommend installing the system outdoors or anywhere where the system would be exposed to the elements, such as freezing temperatures, UV damage, and other forces of nature.

Where do I install the system?

You should install where the main water line comes into the house before it splits to the water heater or other plumbing.

Will WGB32B home water purification systems \"easy\" to install? I am not a plumber, and it's so difficult to find one.

You can install the home water purification systems by yourself if you have some plumbing knowledge.

Will the inlet and outlet accept threaded PVC couplings?

Yes. As long as they are 1\" threads, it will work.

Do I need a storage tank for this whole home water filtration system?

Our whole house water filtration systems have a large water flow capacity and do not require a storage tank.

In what order do the replacement filters go?

For WGB32B, the water flow goes to the polypropylene (PP) filter first, then the carbon block (CTO) filters.

Do all filters need to be changed at the same time?

No, they don't.

What size O-ring does WGB32B home filtration system use?

O.D.: 5-3/4\", the model number of this O-ring from iSpring is ORBX2.

How often do I need to replace the cartridges?

It depends on the quality of your feed water. Typically, for a standard American household, the filters can last around one full year. If you notice the output water pressure drops significantly, it is time to replace the filter cartridges.

Why did my output water pressure drop a lot?

If this water cleaning system was just installed, it could be that the filters were installed incorrectly, or a piece of the plastic wrapping is still protecting the filter cartridges. If you installed the filter a few weeks ago and suddenly the pressure dropped, it can be due to clogged filters.