Where can replacement filters be purchased?

You could search for the filter packs with the SKUs.

PP sediment filter - FP25B; Carbon block filter - FC25B

Or you can search for Filter packs:

F2WGB22B or F4WGB22B.

What is the advantage of having a 20” filter over a 10” on the residential water filtration system wgb21b?

The flow rate will be slightly faster but not much difference to be noticed on both the 20\" and 10\" since they have the same size of inlets/outlets and micron size. The difference will be in filter lifespan. The bigger the filter, the more room you'll have for the trapped/filtered contaminants so it will extend the filter replacement schedule. It's best to know the levels of contaminants you have to determine which filter system is best for your water situation. Please reach out to our customer service team at 678-261-7611 (M-F, 8;30 - 5:30 EST) for further assistance.

Does this whole house water filter remove lead?

No, our best selling household water filter WGB22B model does not remove lead. Please check out these models for removing lead: WGB22B-PB and WGB32B-PB

Can I use this to filter a 3,600-gallon pool?

Yes, you can use this to filter a pool.

Will this residential water treatment system eliminate the formation of pink biofilm?

This whole house water filter system will reduce scale buildup but the pink biofilm is normally an indication of airborne bacteria which can causes this.

Is there a whole house system for tannin in the water?

We apologize as we do not offer a filter for the whole house system that will remove Tannin content.

If we only use about 40,000 gallons per year, can the filter last 2.5 years or does the whole home water filter degrade or spoil over time?

We would recommend regardless of usage to replace the filters per the recommended 6 to 12 months.

Is water direction through filter labeled

The unit is labeled at the top for the inlet an outlet but the filter cartridges are multidirectional and can be installed in either direction.

Does this water filter system for home out fluoride?

This entire house water filter system does not remove fluoride. Fluoride is a contaminant that can only be removed by a reverse osmosis membrane filter.

Will these blue canisters fit on the black housings of the wgb21b system?

The housings for WGB22B will not fit the head machine of the WGB21B System.

Does these home water treatment systems have a clear cover for the fiber filter so that I can see the dirt being trapped?

This full house water filter system has blue filter housings and is not available with clear housings. If you need a home water system with clear housing on the first stage, please consider our WCB32C model

Well was tested and everything is within acceptable levels. We get the occasional red streak in the toilet. Is the basic 2-stage water filter for home good enough?

It should help, but the exact amounts it removes will depend on you're overall water quality and the cause of the discoloration. If iron is the cause of the colored stains, we suggest looking at the WGB22BM, WGB32BM, or WCFM500K whole house system

Do these filters remove bacteria from well water?

No. It is recommended to add a UVF55FS Ultraviolet Filter for your well water.

Will this whole house filter system out pfas?

PFAS is best removed by a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system This system will NOT remove PFAS from your water source.

Does this ispring whole house water filtration system remove microorganisms such as coliform and e -coli?

No, this whole house water filtration system would not be able to help with these types of contaminants. You would need to look into getting a UV filter like our UVF55FS

Will this home water system reduce acid in water that eats copper pipes?

This home water filtration system is not designed to remove acidity from your source water and does NOT affect PH in any way.

Will this whole house filtration system rid the sulfer smell ? I am on an artesian well

Yes this home water filtration system can remove Nitrates which normally cause the sulfur smell or odors.

What size are the plumbing fittings?

The whole home water filtration system has 1\" NPT for the inlet and outlet from the system. Depending on your home's plumbing or pipe size will determine the size plumbing fittings you may need.

We have silica in our city water will this filter any of that out

Unfortunately, this whole house water system will not remove silica. You would need a reverse osmosis system like our RCC7 for that.

What is the difference between this system and the ispring wgb21b 2-stage whole house water system? Will this ispring water filter system reduce water pressure?

Everything is the same except the filters in the 21B are 10\" instead of 20\". Once installed and used properly, our whole house water filtration systems should have a minimum impact on water pressure.

Is any salt required with this ispring water filter system?

This whole house system is not a water softener system, and does NOT require salt for operation.

Why won't this ispring water filter system reduce TDS if the filtered water is clean?

This unit removes a wide range of contaminants but the minerals left on the water get broken down into smaller particles which can sometimes cause the TDS to remain the same or even increase. The only filters that can reduce the TDS are reverse osmosis or a deionization filter. You can get a reverse osmosis system here

Does this ispring water filter system filter nitrates?

Unfortunately, the only way to remove nitrates from water is through reverse osmosis.

What is the part number and where can i purchase the replacement o-rings. also is there a specific silicon oil recommended to lubricate the o-rings?

The replacement o-rings you are looking for are part #ORBX2. Any food grade plumbers lubricant can be used on the o-rings.

Will these ispring home water systems reduce or remove iron from the water?

In order to significantly reduce the Iron in your water I would recommend that you take a look at our system WGB32BM which features an iron reducing filter. If your iron level is above 3 ppm, please consider our WCFM500K whole house iron filter

Would this be placed before or after a water softener system?

Before the water softener, because as a water filter it will remove a wide spectrum of contaminants from water, leaving much cleaner water going to the softener, and protects it. Just FYI, traditional water softeners do not remove contaminants from the water but only exchange hardness irons with \"soft\" sodium ions, which makes the water salty and may cause health issues. A reverse osmosis water filter can purify the water and make it ideal for drinking.