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UVF8 LED UV Water Filter, Add-on Kit for Under Sink Water Filtration Systems
iSpring UVF55FS 55W Whole-House UV Water Filter With Smart Flow Sensor Switch, 120V, 12 GPM (UVF55FS)
  • This iSpring whole-house UV water filter is the ideal last step to add to your water filtration system to give you confidence that you can trust the quality of your water.
  • Water's long dwell time inside the 37.5-inch reactor chamber ensures adequate treatment, while the 12 GPM flow rate minimizes pressure loss with a 1-inch MNPT inlet/outlet design.
  • The high-quality 55-watt UV lamp is housed inside a durable quartz sleeve and has a lifespan of up to 9,000 hours.
  • The upgraded 55 W/120 V ballast has a smart flow sensor switch that turns the UV light on and off automatically as needed, and the multi-mode control switch makes it easy to adjust and monitor the performance of the system. The sensor will only kick on when the flow rate reaches 0.66 gallon/minute (2.5 L/m).
  • Mounting clips are included with your delivery for easy DIY installation. Maintenance is also simple: Just clean the quartz sleeve every six to 12 months and replace the UV lamp annually.
  • UV filtration is chemical-free, reliable, and affordable. It's also an eco-friendly alternative to chlorine treatments, creating no water treatment byproducts and requiring very little power consumption.
  • This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, an extended manufacturer warranty upon registration, and lifetime technical support from iSpring Water Systems.
  • $289.99
    UVF8 LED UV Water Filter, Add-on Kit for Under Sink Water Filtration Systems
    iSpring UVF8 LED UV Water Filter, Add-on Kit for Under Sink Water Filtration Systems, Mercury-Free, Stainless steel, NSF58 Certified (UVF8)
  • Innovative and Modern LED Technology: The UV-C LED is an innovative technology for providing clean and effective water treatment. Compared to traditional UV light, it does not contain mercury and will not emit odors by producing ozone. The on/off cycles do not impact the life of the LED, so the UVF8 system can turn the system on and off as needed without worrying about reducing its lifespan. UVF8 LED technology is more compact and does not transfer heat to water, making it a more sustainable option.
  • Keep your water Safe with an Efficient System Add-on: The iSpring UVF8 LED UV water filter effectively cleans your water from harmful substances. The wavelength of UV-C light can quickly alter the molecular structure of harmful substances, rendering them inactive and unable to reproduce. Unlike traditional mercury-vapor lamps, it does not require a warm-up time and can achieve 99.9% success in eliminating harmful contaminants in just 2 seconds.
  • Intelligent Operation with Minimal Maintenance: This smart modern UVF8 UV filter requires minimum attention, as it comes with a built-in intelligent flow sensor. The smart flow sensor component monitors water flow and only turns on the UV light when water passes by. This system has the service life of the lamp to up to 7000 hours, so you need not replace the system or the bulb for decades.
  • Wide Range of Working Conditions with DIY Installation: The iSpring UVF8 LED UV Water Filter is user-friendly and easy to install, with a ¼" quick-fitting, making it a breeze to add to your existing under sink water system. You can enjoy a DIY installation without special tools or plumbing services. iSpring UVF8 LED UV Water Filter is an excellent choice to ensure your drinking water is free of harmful contaminants. Whether installing it in your kitchen, RV, boat, or other locations, this add-on kit will provide you with complete peace of mind and high-quality water you can trust.
  • Strong Limited Lifetime warranty: The longevity and durability of the UVF8 UV filter have been ensured by the strong build-up of the product. The lifetime warranty also adds peace of mind, covering 100% of defects and failures (excluding accidental damage or improper usage). This warranty ensures that you can use the iSpring UVF8 with confidence, knowing it has been built to last and any issues that may arise will be covered.
  • $129.99
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      Ultraviolet UV Water Filter System can be added to your whole house water filter system as the last step to protect you from the water risks which are unable to be addressed by your municipal treatment plant or other natural water sources. This UV sterilizer is chemical- free and very environmentally friendly.