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Combating the Millions of Pounds of Contaminated Water Caused by Tyson Foods’ Release in Water Systems with a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Posted On 05/14/2024 By iSpring Water Systems

It has been uncovered by a study done by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) that over a span of five years, Tyson Foods has released millions of pounds of toxins into streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands across the United States from 41 of their slaughterhouses and processing plants spanning 17 states. This wastewater contaminated our water sources and jeopardized the well-being of not only humans and wildlife but our critical ecosystems. The released wastewater was comprised of everything from blood and bacteria to animal feces and contained dangerous pollutants including nitrogen, phosphorus, chloride, oil, and cyanide. 


There are several adverse health issues linked to the consumption of these water contaminants and many of the residents in the midwest are already battling with nitrogen and phosphorus in their water sources due to the high level of industrial agriculture. 


Impact of Nitrates 

Nitrates are a chemical found in fertilizers which is then present in manure and agricultural runoff. While the level of nitrates in drinking water is regulated by municipal sources, those whose water source is from a well have to be especially cautious regarding the nitrate level in their drinking water. 


Nitrates do not typically affect most healthy adults. However, some health conditions can make individuals more susceptible to adverse effects. Because nitrates remove oxygen from the water, pregnant women are at a higher risk of being negatively affected by consuming nitrates since their bodies’ oxygen demands are much higher than normal. If your drinking water is contaminated with high levels of nitrates during pregnancy, it can result in miscarriage or birth defects. 


Babies under one year old are also at a higher risk of experiencing adverse health effects related to nitrates. Red blood cells that carry oxygen that are depleted when exposed to nitrates do not regenerate as quickly in babies. As a result, they can develop a serious health condition known as blue baby syndrome which is a result of a lack of oxygen. 


Impact of Phosphorous 

Phosphorus, like nitrates, can be found in commercial fertilizers and also limits the amount of oxygen in the water. Phosphorous can greatly impact our ecosystem by causing excessive growth of algae and other aquatic plants as well as kill fish and harm other aquatic life. 


While not typically dangerous to humans and wildlife, some people have developed digestive problems as a result of prolonged exposure to high levels of phosphorous. 


Seeking a Solution through a Home Water Filtration System

Alarmingly, this study only looked at 2% of the nation’s slaughterhouses and processing plants. The adverse impacts of water contaminants being released by this industry are much greater and are affecting more than this research reveals. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you can install a reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system which can remove up to 99% of over 1,000 water contaminants, making it one of the most powerful water filtration methods.  

During the process of reverse osmosis, high water pressure forces water through a semi-permeable membrane that allows H2O and lower molecular weight substances to pass through while removing impurities that have higher molecular weight substances. Three of our recommended ro filters include our RCD100HCG, our RO500AK-BN+ UVF8, and our RCC7AK


Our RCD100HCG is a portable countertop RO system that provides consumers with effortless high-quality water with no installation required. This system also

  1. is comprised of a stainless steel filter, PP+CTO composite filter, RO membrane, and alkaline filter
  2. provides up to 100 gallons per day of great-tasting pH-balanced water with its alkaline filtration stage
  3. has hot & cold temperature options and 6 dispensing volume options
  4. features a 2.5:1 pure-to-drain water ratio
  5. has real-time monitoring of source water and filtered water TDS levels, along with a temperature display and a low water level reminder
  6. offers a 10-second auto-flush process upon opening or closing the source water tank cover, extending the lifespan of filters
  7. includes filter life monitoring and features a twist-and-lock design for easy filter replacements
  8. features dual pitchers, allowing you to have constant filtered water at your fingertips


Our RO500AK-BN+UVF8 is a next-generation, tankless RO water filtration system. This system

  1. is comprised of a 2-in-1 sediment and carbon block filter, an advanced RO membrane, a carbon alkaline filter that balances pH levels and enhances taste, and an LED UV light that is highly efficient at damaging harmful particles and making them safe for consumption
  2. provides 500 gallons of water per day with a stable flow rate that can fill an 8oz cup in just 10 seconds
  3. features up to a 2:1 pure to drain water ratio
  4. offers an automatic self-cleaning mode, which rinses the RO membrane for 20 seconds after 24 hours of disuse, prolonging the filter’s life
  5. includes a convenient filter replacement reminder and features a twist-and-lock design for easy filter replacements



  1. is NSF/ANSI 58 certified
  2. is comprised of a PP sediment filter, granular activated carbon filter, carbon block filter, RO membrane, post carbon filter, and an alkaline filter, exclusively designed to eliminate chlorine, unpleasant tastes, odors, cloudiness, and sediment while restoring the natural alkalinity and mineral balance of your water
  3. provides up to 75 gallons of filtered water per day using a pressurized tank to ensure a stable water flow
  4. offers transparent first-stage filter housing for easy inspection 
  5. can be connected directly to the refrigerator’s water supply


Each of these systems will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your water’s safety and purity. Selecting which is the best to suit your needs is the only worry you will have.