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Tips on How to Install a Whole House Water Filtration System

Posted On 08/04/2020 By iSpring Water Systems

You cannot be 100% sure that the water coming out of your faucets is clean and free of impurities. There have been a lot of issues regarding the purity of tap water throughout the years. Although many of those issues have been resolved by water regulations, the only way we can be certain of the quality of our tap water is to take matters into our own hands and protect our family with a whole house water filtration system. Whole house water filters are installed at the point of entry and they not only purify your drinking water but they also purify the water for your shower, dishwasher, laundry, and other household appliances. This article is a great resource to help you decide whether a whole house water filter is right for you and your water filtration needs: Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration Systems.

After you have invested in your new system, use these tips to make the installation process a whole lot easier:

Check if the installation requirements fit your home

Before purchasing a whole house filtration system be sure to check the installation requirements to make sure the unit you buy will work for your home. Whole house water filters can have different sizes and most of them must be installed indoors or at least in a sheltered space. Not all systems are suitable for all types of household fittings so make sure that you are purchasing one that works for your household’s particular fittings. Otherwise you may have to deal with returning the filtration system or worse may have to deal with a filter that is not properly installed.

Use a pressure reducing valve if your water pressure is too strong

The model you purchase should tell you exactly what its maximum pressure limit is. If your water pressure is too strong then you can buy a pressure reducing valve separately and attach it to your fixtures. Be aware that the pressure may be different at night. At times nighttime pressure may be stronger than the daytime water pressure. So be sure to check at different times of the day and night to determine if you may need a pressure reducing valve.

Connect your filtration system directly to the main supply before your water heater

Most water filtration systems are designed to work with cold water and may be ruined if the system uses water from the heater. Even during cleaning you should never run hot water through the system as it may damage it. However, you also should install the system in an area where the water in the system will never freeze, especially during winter.

Install a pre-filter before the filtration system

Depending on your water quality, a pre-filter may be necessary to help you produce the cleanest water possible and extend the lifespan of the water filtration system installed after. You can install a water route bypass system as well. This will make it easier to replace the pre-filter and troubleshoot any problems that may occur.

You can check out our featured pre-filter here: WSP50ARB Reusable Spin-down Sediment Water Filter with Scraper and Touch-Screen Auto Flushing Module

Turn on the nearest faucet before installation

The first step during your installation is to turn off the main source of water. However, since pipes and tubes are usually positioned horizontally there will likely be some air and water remaining in the pipes. To avoid any spills or leaks during the process, turn on the nearest faucet to get rid of all the air and water within the internal parts.

Use a bucket to catch water after cutting the main inlet pipe

You will be required to cut a part of your main water source pipe in order to attach the filtration system. Residual water may be left inside the mainline so make sure to put a bucket under the area you intend to cut to collect any water that drips. Alternatively, you can also hold a towel under the opening, but since you will need both hands while working this is not as efficient as using a bucket.

A whole house water filtration system is an effective way to protect your family from unwanted impurities and pathogens in the water. Installing it is a fairly easy process. Using these tips will help you avoid making an unnecessary mess while putting together your new filtration system.

For a detailed installation video of iSpring whole house water systems, please check out the following links:

WGB series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKhDbubxbVM

WF150K: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2y7vywqc_4

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