How much do the filters cost for this whole house water filter?

The filter pack for this home water filtration system is model F3WGB32BM and you can find the price here.

How can this whole home filter remove iron if it is not able to remove TDS?

TDS is commonly referred to the levels of various dissolved ions in your water, like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and nitrates. Ahthough the WGB32BM can effectively reduce iron (MAX 3.0 ppm down to 0.01 ppm) and manganese (MAX 1.0 ppm down to 0.01 ppm), it won't lower other ions significantly. As a result, you won't see a significant TDS drop in the filtered water.

Does WGB32BM water filter for home address TDS reduction?

No, this whole house water filtration system doesn't. Only RO systems will lower TDS levels. You can find our best Reverse Osmosis system here.

Will the housing and filter holders be strong enough to be exposed to daily sunlight in the Tropic? Will the water filter system for home be outdoor resistant?

No, this home water filtration system is not weather resistant and thus should be kept indoor.

Do I put this whole house water filter system before or after water softer and acid neutralizeron on Well water?

This can be installed before or after the water softener. Putting the home water system after the water softener can increase the performance of this system slightly. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at or call us at (678) 261-7611.

Is it whole house filter okay for an apartment?

Yes, you can install this whole house water filter system in an apartment, but you will require prior authorization from the apartment management.

How necessary is a spin down sediment filter prior to this whole home water filter?

A spin down filter is not required for the WGB32BM system to work. However, we recommend installing one before this whole home water filtration system if there are a lot of sediments in your water. The spin down filter is flushable, reusable, and offloads heavy work from finer filters and greatly extends filter life and reduces replacement cost.

What size O-ring do WGB32BM home water purification systems use?

O.D.: 5-3/4\", the model number of this O-ring from iSpring is ORBX2

On a private well, should this home water treatment system be after the pump and before the pressure tank, or after the tank and before the house?

This house water filtration system is normally plumbed in after the well pump and before your pressure tank.

Does whole house water filtration WGB32BM remove the salt in the water that comes out of a softener?

No, this water purifier for home doesn't. You need a reverse osmosis system for that.

Is the input and output 3/4\"?

The input and output are 1\" inch NPT for both.

Does this home water filtration come with the filters?

Yes, the whole house filtration system does come with it's first set of filters.

What filter or set up recommended for city water? I see a lot of well h2o

We would recommend the WGB32B whole house water filter system for city water. This WGB32BM removes Fe and Mn and is designed for well water.

What is the minimum psi needed for the whole home water filtration WGB32BM iron water filter?

The minimum PSI pressure needed for this house filter system is 25 psi and the max PSI would be 80 psi.

Will this house water filter system reduce sulfur smell?

Yes, this home filtration system removes dissolved sulfur and will absorb most of the gaseous sulfur.

We are looking to install this in a seasonal cabin, can this whole house water system be winterized?

Our WGB32BM whole house filter system should be installed indoors and should be protected from direct sunlight or freezing temperature.

Does the whole house water filter FM25B remove soluble or insoluble iron?

Yes. The FM25B filter will remove both types of iron from your source water.

Does this whole house water system remove hydrosulfides

Yes, it should remove some hydrogen sulfide. If there are a lot of it in your water, we recommend our WF150K whole house central water filtration system.

My well water leaves brownish stains on my shower and wc because of ferric iron. Does this water cleaning system remove ferric iron?

Yes. The 3rd stage filter (FM25B) of the whole house water treatment systems can remove iron.

Can i buy the whole home filter with a clear filter viewing plastic housing?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this whole house water purifier with clear canisters for now.

What is type of material is the head made of?

The mounting bracket is metal, the connecting caps and filter housing are comprised of plastic. Please contact us at 678-261-7611 or if you have any questions.

Does the whole house water filtration systems reduce turbidity in water?

Yes, this water purifier system for home reduces turbidity in water.

Will this whole home filtration system remove arsenic?

No, it won't. To remove arsenic from water you would need a reverse osmosis (RO) system.

How do you know when to the 100.000 gallon mark has been reached, is there a gauge?

The sediment and carbon filters can last for up to 100,000 gallons or up to 1 year during with average water consumption. We can help you determine a more accurate filter replacement schedule based on your water quality and consumption. For more details, please contact us directly at (678)261-7611.

Does this home filtration system create a closed loop system

This is determined if you install a bypass for the whole house water purification systems. If you have any questions please contact our customer service dept. at 678-261-7611 or

How many microns is the sediment filter?

All of the filters in the whole house in line water filters are 5 micron by default and we also offer a 20 micron version of the sediment filter. If you need a even higher micron, please consider our WSP reusable and flushable spin-down sediment filters.

Does WGB32BM water purifier for house filter out chloramines? Thinking of getting this to filter city water for my microbrewery crooked rooster brewery in macclenny florida.

To remove chloramine, we recommend installing our WF150K whole house central water filter , WGB32B or WGB32B-KS.

I have an existing softener with salt, do I keep the salt component?

You can use the WGB32BM home filter system with or without a softener system. We would recommend you keep the softener to address any hard water issues, and then plumb in our system after your softener system as the softened water will actually help the iSpring WGB32BM and FM25B Iron Filter in the system perform better and more effectively.

Can I add a pressure gauge to the top of each canister?

You can add a pressure gauge to the home water purification system but not to each individual Housing. if you have more questions, please give us a call at 678-261-7611.

Incoming well water can be 120f Can I still filter with this residential water filtration system? meaning shared insulated run with boiler.

Operating Temperatures 40-100 ºF (4 - 37 ºC). We do not recommend installing a whole house system for filtering hot water as the high temperature can damage the carbon block filter. For more information call (678) 261-7611.

Will iron bacteria harm the filter? Will this residential water treatment system remove iron bacteria?

This full house water filter system won't effectively remove iron bacteria. Iron bacteria generally won't harm the filters if you change the filters as recommended. If you want to remove bacteria, you may need a Reverse Osmosis system. You can find our best Reverse Osmosis system here.

Will the ispring whole house filtration wgb32bm remove copper?

No, this whole house water treatment won't remove copper effectively. You would need a reverse osmosis system to remove copper.

Does this whole home water filter system remove uranium and sodium?

No. You will need a Reverse Osmosis System for that.

Is the flow left to right, right to left, or can it go either way?

Right to left, but you could switch the bracket to change direction

Does this household water filtration system replace a water softner?

No, this is only a whole house water filtration system and not specialize in the extreme hardness of your water.

Can I add a filter or system that will remove scale to this whole house water purification system?

Yes. You can add a WDS150K whole house water descaler before whole house purifier WGB32BM.

What is the difference between the WGB32BM and WGB32BPB entire house water filter system?

The -BM model has the iron and manganese reducing filter and the -PB has the lead reducing filter.

Can you mount this full home water filtration system vertical? Our main runs up the wall instead of going to the side. Would mountgis veritical or the unit is on its side affect it?

We do not recommend mounting this full house water filtration system on its side.

I am on city water with 40psi. Do i need a pressure tank or pump to get enough pressure?

No, 40 PSI will be sufficient for this system. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at or call us at (678) 261-7611.

I put my filter the wrong way, and i still see the iron in my think that could be the problem

Yes, if the filters are installed backwards, that can have a huge impact on the performance of the iron filter and may lead it to foul prematurely. It is mandatory that the filters are installed in the correct order. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at or call us at (678) 261-7611.

Is this water filter for home good for well water

Yes. Our best whole house water filter system WGB32BM is specially designed for well water users. If there are a lot of iron in your water (> 3 ppm), then we would recommend installing WCFM500K Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide Water Filtration System.

Can I get a printable copy of the users manual?

Please email us at with this request and we will happily send you a manual.

Does this house filter system remove lead?

No, if you were looking to remove lead, I would suggest looking at our house water purification system WGB32B-PB ( and product_id=472) which is specifically made for lead removal. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at or call us at (678) 261-7611.

I just installed the in home water system after the main valve. @50 psi, I started hearing rattling sound when use certain amount of water. Do I need to increase psi?

The minimum pressure needed for this residential water filter system is 25 psi and a max of 80 psi so your 50 psi is great. Try to open the nearest faucet to flush the system for 20 mins to and release all the air inside the system.

Will this domestic purification system remove nitrates? Our water tested above the allowable limit.

The house water treatment system WGB32BM doesn't remove nitrates as well as a reverse osmosis system. You can find more information on our reverse osmosis products on our website

What kind of pressure drop do you see before you need to replace the filters?

Around 5-10 psi of pressure drop means that the filters are already clogging and need to be replaced.

Can manganese be filtered out of water?

Yes. The 3rd stage filter (FM25B) of this domestic water filtration system can remove Mn. This large house water filter WGB32BM is great for families with a manganese level less than 1 ppm. There's more manganese in your water, please consider WCFM500K whole house water filter.