Will this whole home water filter system remove pfas contamination ?

No, this will not remove PFAS. PFAS can only be removed by reverse osmosis systems. You can find them here and here

What is the working water pressure for this system?

The minimum water pressure requirement is 25 PSI and the maximum is 80 PSI.

Do you still need to install a separate filter for drinking water?

WGB22B-PB is a water filter system for home. It is installed at the point of entry and filters the water for your whole house usages like showering, laundry, dish-washing, etc. For drinking and cooking water we would recommend a Reverse Osmosis system. You can find them here and here

Does this whole house water system filter out chloride?

This whole house water filtration system can remove Chlorine which is a component of chloride thus breaking up the composition of chloride and removing the chlorine aspect of this contaminant.

Can i install this outside ahead of my water softener? I live in Houston where it only freezes a couple of days a year on average.

This home water system is not designed to be installed outdoors as any exposure to direct sunlight and freezing temperatures can damage the unit. If the system has to be installed outdoors, a shelter is highly recommended.

Installation - Is there an issue with installing ahead of bladder tank instead of after?

We don't typically recommend installing the whole hose water filter before the pressure tank, or well pump in most cases. The risk of low incoming pressure on that side, and heavy sediment could cause issues with clogging if you don't have pre-filter installed sediment filter

Will this water filter for home work to remove iron from well sump pump?

The filter included in this system is better used to remove lead instead of iron. We do have another filter that is more effective on Iron if that is the primary concern. Please check out our home water systems WGB22BM , WGB32BM , and WCFM500K

Just read this and so confused with all the filter numbers. Trying to pick out system specific to filter out heavy metals and chloride. Live in city water.

To filter out heavy metals and chloride, we recommend our best whole house water filtration system models WGB32B-KS whole house water filter and WF150K whole house filter

Does these ome water treatment systems remove chloride specifically from over 200 ppm to below 100 ppm?

This ispring water filter system is not specifically designed to remove chloride. This contaminant is best removed by a Reverse Osmosis System. You can find them here

I just installed a wgb22b-pb. do the filters have to be installed in a special way--up side down or which way up and which way down?

The sediment filter has no real upside or downside and can be installed in the system either way but the specialty filter for Iron/Lead should be installed as shown in the picture on the listing .

Do I need to buy a water softener along with a whole home water filtration system

It depends on the hardness of your water. Our WGB22B-PB whole house water filter system does not affect water hardness, but you can use it along with a softener.

Can I use this whole house system in an apartment?

This ispring water filter system is for whole house filtration. Using it in an apartment would depend on if you had access to the main water pipes that supply your apartment.

Is the blue outside containers just for looks?


Can this home water system remove copper?

Yes the home water filtration system will remove copper from the water source.