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The Science Behind Deionized Water: What You Need to Know

Posted On 09/13/2023 By iSpring Water Systems

Key Points:

  1. The process of deionization explained
  2. Uses for deionized water
  3. iSpring’s deionized water systems


If you are seeking water that is almost completely free of total dissolved solids (TDS), look no further than deionized (DI) water.


Deionization Explained

Though the deionization process can stand on its own, oftentimes before deionization, water will undergo a pre-treatment to remove large particles, organic matter, and bacteria. This step may include filtration and disinfection.

Ion exchange is the heart of the deionization process which utilizes resin beds to exchange hydrogen for cations (positively charged ions) and hydroxide for anions (negatively charged ions) removing ions such as calcium, sodium, and potassium from the water.

Over time, the ion exchange resins become exhausted as they accumulate ions. Restoring the ion exchange capacity can be achieved by either changing the filter material or replacing the entire filter.

The result of the deionization process is exceptionally pure, 99.9% contaminant-free water. While achieving a TDS level of 0 as distilled water, deionized water comes with the advantage that the process is quicker and does not build up scale.


Deionized Water’s Uses

There are several uses for deionized water, many of which could not use anything but deionized water because of its pureness.

  • DI water is a staple in laboratories for conducting experiments, preparing solutions, and cleaning lab equipment due to its high purity.
  • The absence of ions and low conductivity of DI water make it an essential component in semiconductor manufacturing, where any impurities can damage delicate electronic components.
  • In drug formulation and bioprocessing, deionized water is used to maintain the purity and stability of pharmaceutical products and biologics.
  • DI water in your aquarium ensures that you create a safe environment for your fish, plants, and invertebrates.
  • DI water is used in vehicle battery manufacturing and cooling systems to prevent mineral deposits and corrosion.
  • DI water can be used for car cleaning and washing. With the removal of all total dissolved solids (TDS) during the deionization process, it prevents scaling and protects the car paint.

Since deionized water is free of minerals, it makes it necessary for medical and pharmaceutical industries that require this blank slate for use in medicines and medical solutions. In industrial settings, deionized water is ideal where mineral buildup and scale may be a concern.

However, it is not recommended as your primary drinking water since it has been stripped of essential minerals. Also, the process of deionization also does not remove bacteria and viruses.


iSpring’s Deionized Water Filtration Systems

Two of iSpring’s systems that can provide you with absolutely pure water is our RCC7D and our WGB22BD.

Our RCC7D employs a deionize filter that works alongside our powerful reserve osmosis system to provide a spotless, clean surface on glass and windows. This system

  1. has a six-stage filtration process that includes a sixth stage deionization filter that produces water with zero or near zero TDS.
  2. removes sediments, dust, sand, particles, dirt, and rust with the 1st stage PP Sediment filter.
  3. gets rid of chlorine, tastes and odors, cloudiness, and colors with our 2nd stage GAC filter.
  4. removes chloramine and harmful chemicals with our 3rd stage CTO filter.
  5. eliminates up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants including lead , chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, and sodium with our 4th stage RO membrane.
  6. rids water of any possible residual tastes and odors from the tank with our 4th stage post carbon filter.
  7. produces up to 75 gallons of pure water per day.
  8. conveniently fits under the sink and works with its own dedicated faucet.

Our WGB22BD produces filtered water with zero or near zero TDS that is ideal for rinsing cars, RVs, boats, motorcycles, windows and more. This filter

  1. is portable and is compatible with a ¾” garden hose fitting and a quick fitting, making it easy to give vehicles and windows a spotless shine.
  2. prevents scale build-up.
  3. uses high-quality resin in its filter that can last up to 12 months or up to 1,200 gallons of water.
  4. allows for effortless twist-off filter replacement.

If you have questions about whether one of our deionized filtration systems would be a good fit for you, do not hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team who is here to help you understand our various systems and find the one that is the best fit for you.

Like all of our systems, our deionization water filtration system comes with peace of mind customer support for the lifespan of your system where you can reach out to our team with any after-sale support you may need.