Ultra Filtration Under-Sink Water Filter System

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iSpring CU-A4 4-Stage 0.01 Micron Tankless Under Sink / Inline Drinking Water Ultra Filtration System for Sink
iSpring CU-A4 4-Stage 0.01 Micron Tankless Under Sink / Inline Drinking Water Ultra Filtration System for Sink
iSpring CU-A4 0.01μm Ultra-Filtration Under Sink Water Filter System, Tankless 4-Stage High Capacity, Remove 99.99% Contaminants, Quick Filter Change with Brushed Nickel Faucet, White (CU-A4)
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: The advance 4-stage design, which includes both Ultrafiltration and KDF/GAC stages, removes up to 99% of PFAS, chlorine and chlorine treatment by-products, lead, arsenic, and much more, while retaining minerals. Noted: This system is NOT a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system and does NOT lower TDS.
  • 4-Stage ULTRA FILTRATION SYSTEM: PP Sediment Filter ((5 microns) removes larger particles like rust, sand, dirt. ) Ultra Filtration Filter (contains hollow fiber membrane technology with a pore size of just 0.01 microns. ) KDF and GAC Filter (provides much better control of particularly problematic contaminants including chloramine, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, and other compounds). Fine Activated Carbon Filter (provides final polishing).
  • SIMPLE AND FLEXIBLE: NO WASTE WATER and No storage water tank required. The CU-A4 provides highly effective water filtration for any number of clean water needs - at the sink, in the refrigerator, for coffee makers and more.
  • FEATURES: Come with premium brushed nickel finish drinking water faucet. All filters, tubing and other water-contacting parts are manufactured to comply strictly with NSF/ANSI standards for safety and water quality.
  • EASY-TO-INSTALL AND REPLACE FILTER: Push to connect fittings with color-coded tubing simplify the installation process. Filter replacement are designed for ease. No need to disconnect hoses or water lines. Just Twist On / Twist Off filter cartridges make changing filters a snap. Filter life: 6 -12 months, depending on your source water and usage.
  • $207.99
    iSpring US15UF 0.01μm Water Filter for Sink, 15K Gal Capacity, Leak-Free Direct Connect Under Sink Water Filter System for Kitchen, Ultra Filtration, Reduce Odor, Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Black (US15UF)
  • 【IMPURITIES REDUCTION】The iSpring Direct Connect Undersink Water Filtration System uses innovative multistage filtration, offering high capacity (Up to 15k Gal). With a filtration accuracy of 0.01 μm, the Ultrafiltration membrane filters out iṁpurities larger than 0.01 μm. The composite filter media includes Activated carbon, Polyphosphate, CTO, GAC, CaSO3, KDF55, which can effectively reduce up to 99% of chlorine, odor, bad taste, heavy metals, sediment, and more while preventing scale build up.
  • 【TAKES UP 70% LESS SPACE】 No extra faucet needed. The under sink water filter requires 70% less space than the traditional under sink filter. 20 inches tall and fits nicely under the standard kitchen or bathroom faucets. Fits 1/2" NPT or 3/8" Comp threads with included adapters. Mounting the system is not required, but it comes with the mounting template and quality braided stainless steel hoses.
  • 【20-MIN INSTALLATION & 60-SEC MAINTENANCE】 Our Under Sink Water Filter System US15UF only takes you approx. 20 mins to install. The kitchen water filter system has an 8-12 months service life. The filter replacement process is easy, taking just 60 seconds to change. Note: the under counter water filter should be connected to a COLD WATER supply only.
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY】Only the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. Reduce plastic waste and save energy. Replace plastic water bottles with this under sink water filter system and help preserve the earth. You and your family would no longer need to buy 3,400 water bottles a year, which is a cost savings of around $2,600. This is the best under the counter water filter system for your kitchen.
  • 【LEAK-FREE SYSTEM】The adapter and O-rings design prevent water leaks more constructively. US15UF under sink filter treats water effectively with the high flow right with minimal pressure drop. Backed by a 1-year Manufacturer with lifetime support from Atlanta, GA, USA.
  • $79.99
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