Will the whole house water filtration system wgb21 bm filter still work to reduce iron if my ph is 5.48? The filter says ph 5.8 to 8.6

Yes, the home water filtration system WGB21BM would still work, but the ph may impact the effectiveness of our whole house water filter.

If the well water is tested to have 0.830 mg/L of iron (with ph of 8.08) will the Whole house water filters do the trick? With that much iron will filter go sooner?

Yes, our iron water filter for home are rated up to 3 mg/l, so it will work with the iron content that you have. You can expect the iron filter to not last as long due to the iron content, but it will not be a dramatic change.

Is this home water filtration is good for house with well water and 5 bathrooms and kitchen?

Yes, but it will depend on the volume of daily usage. If all 5 bathrooms will be in use simultaneously, It would be best to go for the big boys like the WGB22BM whole house water filtration system, WGB32BM whole house water filter system for home, or WCFM500K iron water filter.I hope this helps.

Can you install this whole home water filtration between the well and pressure tank?

Yes, you can install this water filter system for full home unit between the well and the pressure tank as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight or freezing temperature.s. Please keep in mind that the home water treatment systems require a minimum water pressure of 25PSI.

I have a well with great tasting water but pretty hard. Do I need the the carbon filter? I will be installing a softener as well.

It depends on if there are other contaminants presenting in your well water. We would recommend getting your water tested first. After getting the test report, please call us and we are happy to give you a personalized product recommendation.

Will this residential water filter system reduce sulphur smell from well water?

The carbon block filter in this household water system would help with sulphur smell. We would recommend getting your water tested to see what contaminants are causing the smell and then give you a product recommendation accordingly. Please give us a call after you get the test report.