What percentage of lead does this whole house system remove?

This whole house system has an FCRC25B Lead removing filter. It reduces lead content up to below 15 ppb (parts per billion) which is the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standard for drinking water

Will this home filtration system treat sulphur in my water?

The contaminant that causes the rotten egg odor or sulfur odor in the water is Nitrate. This contaminant can be reduced by the Carbon block filter FC25B in the WGB32B-PB whole house water filtration system. If the sulfur smell is really strong in your water, we recommend installing our WF150K whole house central water filtration system. You can find it here.

Canisters will not stop leaking what do I do?

Most likely the o-ringsfor the canisters are not properly seated in the housing. If the problem persists after adjusting the orings, please give us a call at 678-261-7611 (M-F, 8:30 - 5:30 EST). We are happy to help!

Will this home water filter replace a water conditioner

No. A water conditioner prevents scale build-up in your pipes and household appliances while this whole house filter will remove sediments, lead, taste, odors, and other contaminants from the water.

How long does it take for water to start flowing through after initial installation?

After turning on the water main to fill the housing, it may take a few minutes for the water to enter and saturate the whole house water filtration system. After the sound has stopped with water filling the system, you can open the cold water line and run the water to flush the filters.

Will this whole house water filter remove chromium-6?

This whole house water filtration system does not remove chromium. For removal of this contaminant we would recommend an under the sink RO System that utilizes an Reverse Osmosis membrane. You can find them here.

Does home wate systems flow have to go right to left if you change the filter order accordingly?

Normally the flow would be from right to left for this whole house water filter system but you can install in either direction. Just be sure to change the filter configuration based on how the system is installed and the water flow direction.

Is there a website or somewhere it tells you which contaminants or chemicals each type filter takes out of the water?

Please refer to the product listingson what contaminants each filter removes.

Is necessary to install the UV filter along with the whole house water filter system?

The UV filter is recommended if you have well water or other natural water sources. You can find it here

Does this ispring home water filter system remove copper?

WGB32B-PB whole house filter is rated to remove lead, but it does not remove copper.