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Banish Fear Surrounding Water When Disaster Strikes

Posted On 10/05/2023 By iSpring Water Systems

Key Points:

  1. The residents of New Orleans are facing a saltwater intrusion that is jeopardizing their water supply, leaving millions fearful.
  2. Seek relief in one of iSpring’s water purification systems


New Orleans’ Drought Could Lead to a Drinking Water Emergency  

While there are known areas throughout the U.S. that are more vulnerable to droughts than others, it is often not considered just how detrimental and nerve-wracking living through a drought can be. For millions of New Orleans residents, panic is starting to set in due to the recent drought that has led to their primary water source being compromised. As the Mississippi River’s water levels continue to linger at low levels, there has been a significant amount of saltwater intrusion from the Gulf of Mexico that continues to increase, jeopardizing the southeastern part of Louisiana’s primary water source and leading many to fear an impending drinking water crisis. 

Because of the topography, saltwater in the Gulf of Mexico regularly tries to creep inland. However, the river’s downstream flow is typically powerful enough to combat it, allowing for the saltwater to be kept at bay. However, with the severe drought conditions New Orleans is facing, the Army Corps has been working since July to combat this issue and has put measures in place to prevent residents’ drinking water from being compromised.  

Since it does not appear relief from the drought is going to come anytime soon, the Army Corps has begun preparing to dilute local water supplies if testing produces high salinity readings, bringing millions of gallons of clean water in since consuming high levels of salinity water can lead to many health concerns including causing increased blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), diarrhea, abdominal pain, and complications with those who have kidney disease. 


What You Can Do to Prepare 

With millions relying on this water as their primary drinking water, many are alarmed since they cannot see an end near. This fear can be prevented by guaranteeing you always have clean drinking water by using one of iSpring’s reserve osmosis (RO) water filtration systems. Our RO systems can remove up to 99% of contaminants found in water such as vinyl chloride, chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium and more. Additionally, each of these systems can purify saltwater to make it potable.


iSpring’s Systems 

Our RCC7AK is a space-saving system that conveniently fits under your sink. This filter

  1. is NSF/ANSI 58 certified 
  2. uses a six-stage alkaline remineralization layered filtration, exclusively designed to restore the natural alkalinity and mineral balance of water
  3. employs an RO filter to remove contaminants down to 0.0001 microns
  4. features a fine GAC filter to provide final polishing to the purified water 
  5. produces up to 75 gallons of filtered water per day
  6. uses a pressurized tank to ensure a stable water flow
  7. can be connected directly to the refrigerator’s water supply

Our RO500AK-BN and RO500AK-ORB are the next-generation, tankless reverse osmosis filtration systems that

  1. function four times more efficiently than traditional RO systems, by providing a faster water flow and a higher pure-to-waste ratio saving water waste by up to 400% compared to traditional RO systems
  2. contribute to reduced water bills and less water going down the drain because of their industry-leading pure-to-waste ratio of up to 2.5:1
  3. employee a 1st-stage 2-in-1 composite Sediment and Carbon Block filter, a 2nd-stage advanced RO Membrane, and 3rd-stage Carbon Alkaline Filter 
  4. restore the natural alkalinity and mineral balance of water
  5. produce up to 500 gallons of filtered water per day

Our RCD100 is our premier reverse osmosis countertop system. This filter

  1. requires no installation and only needs a plug-in to operate
  2. a revolutionary instant heating function that quickly allows a customized experience by providing four temperature settings
  3. uses a five-stage filtration system
  4. boasts a large-capacity water tank that holds 1.3 gallons of water
  5. an innovative wastewater circulation technique that enhances the filtration performance, achieving a remarkable and unbeatable up to 2.5:1 pure-to-drain water ratio
  6. can impressively produce up to 100 gallons of contaminant-free water per day
  7. convenience features such as a self-cleaning mode, a smart panel display, a twist-and-lock design for filter replacement, an energy-saving mode, a child safety lock, and a quiet operation

At iSpring, we are here to help provide you with peace of mind when it comes to ensuring you and your family have high-quality drinking water. By installing one of our water filtration systems, you will no longer have to live in fear should you face a drought or any other natural disaster that compromises the water supply. Our customer service team is here to assist you in determining which system best suits your needs and that you are satisfied with your purchase. 


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