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Navigating Pritchard, Alabama's Devastating Water Crisis

Posted On 10/24/2023 By iSpring Water Systems

A small community in Alabama is currently facing a water crisis head-on that has impacted approximately 20,000 people and might force as many as 200 residents out of their homes. After years of mismanagement and neglect by the Prichard Water Works and Sewer Board, the community of Prichard’s water system has become compromised and is no longer able to provide residents with safe water. 

According to a recent Alabama.com article, the city’s water test results uncovered chronic bacterial contamination in the city’s water since 2021. This violates the basic human right of providing these residents with access to clean water. The repercussions of drinking water filled with contaminants, microbes, viruses, bacteria, and parasites could result in serious health problems. 

This article also noted in the Alabama.com article, “Health effects of consuming water with disease-causing microbes include rare diseases like cholera and typhoid fever, and common illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria, and parasites, which can result in stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever, and kidney failure,” the groups write. “There is also a risk that infectious diseases, like hepatitis, can occur.”

Additionally, the article brought attention to the fact that many fire hydrants’ water pressure is so low that it would not allow firefighters to properly use them during a fire. Living in this sort of fear has become a reality for Prichard residents, and they deserve to have their basic needs met without worry.

Alarmed by the city’s inaction and the severity of the situation they have found themselves in, residents and the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) have called upon the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pleading for them to step in under the Safe Water Act and to aid residents in resolving this dangerous situation. 

This community’s water system is in dire shape and requires immediate attention. Pipes need to be repaired to prevent water from leaking and contaminants from finding their way into the water. The Alabama.com article notes, the water loss means that chlorine levels are too low, which leads to possible bacterial contamination. Additionally, the community’s sewer overflow needs to be addressed to ensure sewage does not find its way into residents’ drinking water. 

While this water crisis is isolated to this small community, water-related emergencies occur throughout the nation every year. To help protect yourself from a similar concern, you can install a water filtration system to alleviate concern when faced with a water emergency and rest easy knowing your family is protected. 

iSpring offers a variety of affordable, in-home options that can protect you from contaminants lurking in water. 

Our UVF8 filter is an add-on that can work with a variety of iSpring’s other water filtration systems. It uses the wavelength of UV-C light which alters the molecular structure of harmful substances, rendering them inactive and unable to reproduce. Unlike traditional mercury-vapor lamps, it does not require warm-up time and can achieve 99.9% success in eliminating harmful contaminants in just two seconds. Additionally, this system

  1. does not contain mercury and will not emit odors by producing ozone like traditional UV lights
  2. allows the system to be turned on and off as needed without impacting the life of the LED
  3. uses technology that is more compact and that does not transfer heat to water, making it a more sustainable option
  4. comes with a built-in intelligent flow sensor and a delayed timer
  5. employs a smart flow sensor component that monitors water flow and only turns on the UV light when water passes by

Another option is our RCC1UP-AK. This seven-stage, under-the-sink system is one of our reverse osmosis (RO) systems that can remove up to 99% of 1,000 harmful contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, lead (removes up to 98%), arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more. This filter is 

  1. equipped with an electric booster pump that enables standard RO performance regardless of pressure variations; delivering higher throughput with less wastewater in comparison to pumpless models
  2. features three pre-filters including a PP Sediment filter, GAC filter, and CTO filter to remove large contaminants and protect the RO filter from harmful chemicals
  3. employs a powerful RO filter to remove contaminants down to 0.0001 microns, providing you with bottled water quality drinking water
  4. has a post-carbon filter to improve taste and remove odors as well as an alkaline filter to restore healthy minerals
  5. employs a UV filter that uses a smart Flow Sensor Switch to turn the UV unit on and off with a 3-minute delay with water flow, saving power and lengthening the life of the UV lamp
  6. produces up to 100 gallons of purified drinking water per day

Our state-of-the-art RCD100 is a portable reverse osmosis countertop system that produces up to 100 gallons of contaminant-free water per day while offering users several dynamic features such as  

  1. a large-capacity water tank that holds 1.3 gallons of water (or 20 cups), which is significantly sizeable compared to competitors
  2. an innovative wastewater circulation technique that enhances filtration performance, achieving a remarkable and unbeatable up to 2.5:1 pure-to-drain water ratio
  3. a revolutionary instant heating function that quickly allows a customized experience by providing four temperature settings that will ensure you have the perfect temperature water for everything from a baby’s bottle to your morning cup of coffee
  4. a self-cleaning mode to keep your system in optimal working condition
  5. a smart panel display that offers a real-time temperature display, low water level reminders, and allows for easy filter monitoring that provides reminders when a replacement is needed, providing a complete picture of the filtration status 
  6. employs convenience features to enhance the user experience including a twist-and-lock design for effortless filtration replacement, an energy-saving mode, a child safety lock, and quiet operation

Each of these filters will help give you peace of mind when it comes to your water quality and stand by our mission of making affordable, high-quality drinking water accessible to all households.

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