Can you run water backwards or backflush these filters to get some of the solids out that the ispring wsp sediment catcher missed?

We don't recommend backflushing the filters in WGB22BM whole house water filtration system. Pleaser just replace the cartridges once they are saturated. Kindly refer to the link for replacement cartridges

Would the wgb22bm be appropriate for well water with a hardness of 20.6, ph of 6.4 and iron of .57 ?

Yes, the WGB22BM will do the job. You can also consider the iSpring WGB32BM home water filtration system.

Can I attach 1 inch pvc thread to the 1 inch npt fittings?

Yes you can use PVC or PEX fittings for the inlet and outlet of the system.

With carbon block and iron/manganese filters, which one comes first?

The Carbon filter FC25B is first to protect the Iron filter from chemical contaminants.

Would you install this home water system before or after the pressure tank (with a bladder) on a well water system?

You would install the whole house system right after the pressure tank.

Why would the whole home water filter be installed after the well's pressure tank, if Iron and Manganese damages the pressure tank?

There may not be enough pressure or room for the system before the tank. Normally the system is installed after.

Hey iSpring, what is the model with the booster pump?

This is a whole house system and does not require a booster pump. As long as your water pressure is between 25-80psi, the system will work fine.

How much water pressure coming from my well will this whole house filter take ?

You should not see more than a 5psi drop from this home water system.

Can this whole home water filter or something like it go alongside a water softener system?

Yes it can. We recommend that you install a water softener with this system if your water has a high level of hardness. This water filter for home can remove 95% of sediment, iron, manganese, chlorine, rust, herbicides, industrial solvents, and various other contaminants that a regular water softener can't, although it does not soften your water. It is recommended that you install this WGB22BM whole house system after your water softener to achieve optimal performance if you have hard water.

Is this whole house water system good for removing sulfur odor? Or better to use 2x carbon filters? I already have this unit just not with the iron filter

This whole house system will remove the dissolved sulfur but not the sulfur gas. Adding a second carbon filter will remove some of the sulfur gas but this will depend on the current levels of sulfur in your water. If sulfur gas is your main concern, we recommend installing our WCFM500K whole house Iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide water filter.

My water tested - hardness - 82ppm (4.8gpg), iron = 0.4 ppm, ph = 9, tds = 308.want to reduce iron, odor and improve taste, is this home filter system right fit?

Yes, It should, but the exact amounts it removes depends on your overall water quality, temperature and pressure. Please note that the WGB22BM whole house water filter doesn't reduce TDS. If you need to reduce the TDS for drinking water, you probably need an RO system. You can find them here

Is this whole house water filtration system good for water with too much iron?

Features iron manganese removal cartridge FM25B, WGB22B-BM water filter system for home is able to reduce iron level by up to 97%, in the condition that iron level is not higher than 3ppm. An air injection oxidizing system like iSpring WCFM500K is a better option for treating higher iron level at higher volume. You can find the product here