Is the canister for this home water filtration system is transparent

No, there's no transparent option for the WGB21B whole house water filter. If you want a filter with transparent canister, please consider our WCB32C model water filter for home.

What is the media compound in the iron/manganese filter?

The iron/manganese filter (FM15B) has ion-exchange resin. An ion-exchange resin or ion-exchange polymer is a resin or polymer that acts as a medium for ion exchange. It is an insoluble matrix normally in the form of small microbeads, usually white or yellowish, fabricated from an organic polymer substrate.

Is there manganese dioxide in this water filter system for home?

iSpring FM15B is specially designed for iron & manganese removal, reducing iron (Max 3.0 ppm down to 0.01 ppm) and manganese (Max 1.0 ppm down to 0.01 ppm).

Are there supposed to be gaskets on the ends of the sediment filters like on the carbon filter?

No, there aren't any gaskets on the sediment filter.

Can I put two cto cartridges in this home water filtration system instead of one sediment and one cto?

It is possible to do this if you are absolutely certain that there is very little to no sediment in the water, but you'd be taking a risk and voiding any kind of warranty associated with those two cto cartridges.

Does it remove chloramine?

This home water systems does not remove chloramines. To remove chloramines, please consider our WF150K whole house central water filtration system or Reverse Osmosis systems

Will this whole home water filter remove coliform and the related smell from well water?

This whole house water filtration system will not remove any kind of bacteria from the water, but it will improve the odor and taste of the water.

Does this whole home water filtration system remove copper?

This home water filter system in particular does not remove copper. I would look at the WGB32B-KS system or WF150K for heavy metal removal.

Is the 18\" height to top of bracket or top of shelf that hold canisters?

The 18\" height is to the top of the bracket.

I'm on a well. If I place this filter just 1 foot after the chlorinator, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the chlorinator?

The purpose of the chlorinator is to use chlorine to kill microbial life. Putting this home water treatment systems after won't necessarily defeat the purpose of the chlorinator, because hopefully the chlorine in the water would have already killed any microbial life before it reaches the whole house water filtration system.

Will this home water filtration remove iron bacteria?

No, unfortunately this whole home water filtration does not remove iron bacteria.

I need a pre-filtration system to install in well house before a ro filtration system that i am getting. does this lower well water pressure?

There should be no noticeable drop in pressure with WGB21B whole house water filter system.

Put this before or after water softener - pros and cons?

This home filtration system should always come after the water softener to prolong the lifespan of the filters.

Inlet outlet not 1” but measure 1-1/4” ID; is this typical?

All our whole house water system have 1” NPT inlet/outlet only. If the product you receive does not have the right size, please reach out and let us know!

What is the housing dimensions for this house water system?

The product dimension for this water cleaning system is 17 x 18 x 9 inches for the entire unit but individually the housing is 10\" x 4.5\".

Our main water supply is by the front door in the sun (Arizona). Should we route this home drinking water filtration to mount in the garage?

We do recommend for the whole house water treatment systems not to get direct sunlight. Installing it in the garage would be the best bet.

Could this home filter unit be winterized if we remove all filters and keep valves open when we drain the water for the winter?

We would advise you to remove the filters and shut off water supply to the system. When you are ready to use the system, get new filters.

What’s the best way to prevent buildup in pipes in a mobile home?

The iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner is an innovative, computerized water conditioning system that solves hard water problems without the need for chemicals, salt, or filter cartridges. This makes it a healthy and economic alternative to a traditional Water Softener, and great for those on salt-restricted diets. It will prevent lime scale deposits in water pipes, helping to protect and prolong the life of water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. It functions by wrapping two antenna cables around the main water pipe to form a coil, creating a complex, frequency modulated, electronic magnetic waveform. This induces an oscillating electric field into the water, resulting in the agitation of water molecules sufficient to trigger the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) which causes the premature precipitation of calcium bicarbonate. This process naturally results in a tiny increase in solubility, which allows the now unsaturated water to dissolve existing scale deposits and remove them from the water system. Limescale deposits on your fixtures will soften after regular contact with the treated water. This allows for easier cleaning without the use of chemicals. Deposits on shower heads, sinks and faucets will easily wipe off or disappear. The treated water will allow soap to lather up more effectively, leaving your skin feeling smoother and your hair more manageable. Enjoy healthier and better tasting water, as well as brighter, whiter and longer lasting clothes, towels and sheets! You can get ED2000 here

Can one change after initial use to a larger system if our needs exceed the unit's capacity?

Please reach out directly to us at 678-261-7611 (M-F, 8;30 - 5:30 EST).

Is the carbon filter granular activated carbon for radon removal?

This home filter system comes with a CTO Carbon Block filter and to remove Radon you need a Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter.

Will the carbon block filter remove radon from well water?

Radon can be removed from water by using granular activated carbon filter.

Which of the two filters goes first?

The whole house water filtration system goes from right to left. The first stage is the Sediment filter (FP15B). The 2nd stage is the CTO Carbon filter (FC15B)

Are the filters interchangeable ? Will the two housings accept different filters ?

Yes, as long as the filter dimensions are 4.5 inch x 10 inch.

Can this be installed outdoors?

The whole home filter should be kept in a sheltered location and should never be exposed to freezing or extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Such damage is not covered under any warranty.

Are other cartridges available to fit this such as 50 micron?

This whole home water filter system only comes in 5 micron. If you need a 50 micron sediment filter, we recommend our WSP50ARB spin down pre-filter

Would it work to install one of these before the softener, and another system after?

Yes, usually the whole water filtration system is installed before the water softener. If you wish to install another system after the softener, you can.

My softener requires a \"5-micron sediment prefilter\" which is why i bought this. but the guide says to install it after the softener? is before it ok?

If you are going to install one system, you have to installed it after the water softener. A water softener is needed if your source water has a high level of hardness, usually with TDS higher than 700 PPM. Hard water can reduce the lifespan of whole house water filter cartridges. The harder the water, the greater amount of scale buildup occurs, and the sooner the filters get clogged.

Do you have to use a water softener with this?

If you have hard water, then yes, you will need to add a water softener. Standard water filters for the whole house can't soften your water.

I notice a lot of questions about flow direction. Are there arrows? Or are inlet.outlet labeled?

Yes, you will receive a User Manual and Videos on how to install house filter system. Is very simple, your source water pipe has to be installed at the inlet where the first stage is located. The outlet to the 2nd stage.

If I install 2 of these in parallel, can I get 2X the flow rate?

The flow rate will be the same if you install 2 systems.

I have the wgb21b. iron is my problem. it has a 5 micron filter & a 5 micron cto filter. is there a filter that would be better at iron than the cto

If iron is your main problem, please consider WGB21BM whole house water filter and WCFM500K whole house iron water filter

Would this be ideal for a small filtered water business?

This all house water filter will not be suitable for that type of business. You may want to check out our high flow reverse osmosis systems

Can this filter be installed on a faucet cold water supply line? Outside of needing sizing couplers of course.

Yes this in house water filtration systems can also be installed under sink on a cold water feed line, but is normally used as a whole house water filter. For this custom application you would need reducers or couplers to install the system. Please reach out to us before your customized installation.

Will this unit with the current filter remove arsenic?

This whole house water filter does not remove arsenic as arsenic is a contaminant that can only be removed by a Reverse Osmosis Filtering system. You can find our RO systems here

Will the carbon filter remove the sulfur/hydrogen sulfide/rotten eggs smell?

The carbon filter may help with it but we would recommend our WGB32B-KS whole house water filter or WF150K whole house central water filtration system instead

Does it remove 95% of fluoride?

This type of filter is not capable of removing fluoride. To remove fluoride, you'll need a filter that uses reverse osmosis or filters for the whole house that use activated alumina. We don't have any activated alumina filters, but we have reverse osmosis systems you can installed under your sink instead.

Can you use a heavy metal filter in this system? If no which system do you recommend?

This household water filtration system does not have a metal removal filter available, If you would like to remove metal content from your source water we would recommend WGB32B-KS whole house water filter and WF150K whole house central water filtration system

I bought the 2 stage system . before install water tested 180 ppm.After its still same. shouldn't it be lower now?

This whole house water filter does not affect or lower TDS or PPM. In order to lower TDS/PPM you would need a reverse osmosis system for under the sink or for drinking/cooking water. You can find RO system here

Would in any case it be more beneficial to use two carbon filters Instead of a sediment and carbon? Live in Arizona above ground well & water softener

We normally would not recommend this as the 2 carbon filter configuration could restrict water pressure through the system if there are sediments from your well water. Before customization, please give us a call to discuss in detail.

Can this whole house system be used for well water?

Yes, but it also depends on the contaminants you need to remove from well water. We recommend getting your water tested first, then give us a call for a personalized product recommendation.

Can i hook this to a water hose ?

The system has 1\" input and output ports and may need an adapter to connect to a hose but it will still work. You may want to add another hose piece or piping at the output end for a smooth output flow.

Can this be installed outside on a garden irrigation system? Will i need to build protection for it? Our temps font get below freezing.

Yes, you can install the whole house water filtration system anywhere as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight or freezing temperatures.

Does this go before or after the water softener?

The whole house water filtration system can be installed before or after the water softener. Installing the system before the water softener will reduce the maintenance frequency for the water softener. Installing the system after the water softener will protect the whole house water filter and extend its lifespan.

Does it use activated carbon?

Yes, this whole house filtration contains an activated carbon block filter model FC15B

Do you need any other equipment for this residential water filtration system to work?

You will need only the fittings to connect the system to your home's water pipes.You can find fittings here

Will this remove sulfur from well water?

This whole house water filtration system will remove nitrate which gives your source water the rotten eggs or sulfur smell.

Does this whole house water filter systems remove calcium

This whole home water filter system does not remove calcium. To remove calcium, you need a water softener or a reverse osmosis system

If installed after my water softener, will it remove the extra sodium in the water so we can drink it?

This house filtration system is not intended to remove sodium from your water source or softener. In this case, we would recommend a reverse osmosis system

Each port has 1\" threaded input and output connecter right? do i need to buy a reducer from 1\" to 3/4 copper pipe? because my water pipes are 3/4\"

Yes, you will need to purchase a reducer to convert the 1\" threads to 3/4\".

What material is the upper threaded black housing? Want to use stainless steel nipple but wonder whether the thread sealant would damage this plastic.

The material is made of plastic. You can use brass, stainless, or Pex fittings. We would recommend using Teflon or Plumbers tape for the fittings instead of sealant. Just be sure that you use an ample amount of the Teflon or plumber tape.

What is the operating temperature of this filter?

The suitable temperature range of this system is 40 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees to 37 degrees Celsius.

Does anyone know the typical ph of the water after filtration? Or does this not change it?

This whole home filtration system does not affect PH from your source water. Only a Reverse Osmosis system will affect PH value from your source water.

Will this whole house filter system help reduce scaling in a tankless water heater?

No. To reduce scaling, please consider our saltless water conditioners here

Will this product remove hydrogen sulfide?

WGB21B whole house filtration system is not recommended to remove hydrogen sulfide. We would recommend installing our WGB32B-KS whole house water filter, WF150K whole house central water filtration system or WCFM500K iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide water filter

Can this be mounted horizontally or does it have to be vertical? I need to mount it flat in my ceiling between trusses if possible.

Normally we would recommend that home water filtration systems be installed horizontally to avoid any adverse pressure on the system.

Can you use brass fittings? I have to reduce 1\" to 3/4 and I have pex? Any advice would be appreciated

You can use brass fittings. Please make sure you use enough Teflon tape and that you don't need to disconnect it too much since metal can cause damage to the plastic threads. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out! We offer lifetime free tech support to all our products.

Where is it installed? I have a well

Normally this system is installed where your home's pipes come into the house from the well system. This is normally in a utility room, basement, or garage depending on where the pipes lead into your home.

Is it possible to filter hot and cold water with one system?

This water filtration system is for cold water only and should be installed before your water heater.

Will this filter reduce lime

No. To reduce lime, you need a water softener or saltless water conditioner

How do you know when to change the filters?

We recommend replacing the filters every 4-6 months depending on the water quality and water usage.

Is the two housing already connected together ?? meaning water can travel from inlet of housing #1 to the outlet of housing #2 .. ?

Yes the 2 housings are connected together through the connecting cap where the filter housing screws onto.

Does this come with wrench also?

Yes the WGB21B domestic whole house water filter comes with a wrench to remove the filter housings.

Does this filter remove fluoride?

No. To remove fluoride, please install a reverse osmosis system

What is the difference between this small whole house filter(10'') and big whole house system(20'')?

The main difference is the capacity of the cartridges. The WGB21B 10'' inch whole house system has 10''X4.5'' cartridges that feature 50,000 gallons of water capacity, while the 20'' whole house cartridges feature around 100,000 gallons capacity. The average American household water consumption is around 300 gallons per day.Therefore, the cartridges inside of the WGB21B would last 50,000/300=166 days (Around 6 months) on average. If your family consumes more water than 300 gallons per day, you may need a 20'' big blue whole house system to fulfill your needs. You may have to look at your water bill to figure out how much water your family consumes monthly.

What are the actual product dimensions?

It measures 18''(H) X 9'' (D)X17''(W) including the bracket.

I have a white build up on my coffee maker, will these filters stop it

No, it won't. The white stuff on your coffee maker is caused by the calcium material in your water. We recommend you to purchase iSpring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis System to pure your drinking water as the Reverse Osmosis Membrane can remove up to 99% of most contaminants including Arsenic, Nitrates, Radium, Chromium, Fluoride and dissolved solids such as sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper.etc. The WGB21B provide you the basic water filtration for your whole house uses because it can remove up to 95% of sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants that cause foul tastes and odors.